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B Kicks was founded in 2001 when the concept of shopping on the internet was just breaking into the world of consumerism. With a passion for sports and performance, we started on eBay around the time they first started to build momentum as the premier open marketplace and placed a few styles of shoes for sale out of curiosity. The few styles of shoes sold quickly and we began to place more styles we thought represented either the best performance or fashion in each brand. Before we knew it, not only were we selling sneakers worldwide, but we expanded into clothing, and accessories. Now we have grown bigger than our open marketplaces can accommodate for us and needed a place to express our company and love for shoes. is the product of the sneaker journey thus far, and is a place where we can create a shopping environment with the top respected brands and authentic products. We love what we do and hope to share our passion by helping you feel great about what you put on your feet!

company info PO BOX 1047 Beverly Hills, CA 90213